Laboratory Courses @ Marmara University

I collect here some useful web links for students taking the following lab-courses I assist/have assisted as Research Assistant at Marmara University's Bioengineering Department. The links can be useful for anyone else interested, though.

BIOE1011.1: General Biology for Bioengineers

Jove Science Education Library

The Journal of Video Experiments has prepared free-to-access videos on several topics that are of high importance to any undergraduate student in life sciences, including a bioengineering student. The videos categorized under Laboratory Safety and General Laboratory Techniques are highly informative for this lab course and I highly recommend that you watch them BEFORE the start of the experiments.

BIOE3012: Bioengineering Laboratory II

Pauline Doran's Bioprocess Engineering Principles is, as always, the main resource for this lab course as well.